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The Hostel Committee shall consist of 21 elected members, with at least one person from each hostel block having 'Student' status and residing in the respective blocks.

  • Each of the hostel block forms a constituency for electing its representatives. The elected members of the hostel committee shall elect the President and Secretary from among themselves. The term of the committee shall be for one year.

  • On the first working day of September every year, the Chairman, Council of Wardens, through the office of the hostel committee president shall call for nomination indicating the number of vacancies in each block. The last date for filing and withdrawal of nomination and the date, time and place of election will also be indicated.

  • The nominations will be in the prescribed form obtainable from the hostel office and shall be filed with the office supervisor. The nomination will be scrutinized by the Chairman, Council of Wardens.

  • Elections will be held for those vacancies for which more than the required numbers of nominations have been received. The ballot boxes will be opened by the hostel president in the presence of the Chairman, Council of Wardens or his nominee as well as the candidates or their representatives. The declaration of result by the Chairman, Council of Wardens shall be final and binding.

  • The newly elected committee will elect a President and Secretary from amongst themselves. The vacant posts shall be filled up by the hostel president by nominating members from un-represented constituencies. The term of office for such nominated members will be the same as that of the elected members. The president shall notify the Council of Wardens about the formation of the new hostel committee and will assume office immediately thereafter.

  • Vacancies arising due to resignation of committee members shall be filled by nominations made by the hostel committee president.

  • In case of delay in formation of the new committee after the expiry of the term of one committee the Chairman, Council of Wardens may request the committee in office to continue for such period as may be decided upon by him.

  • The hostel committee shall meet at least once a month and more often if necessary. The quorum of the hostel committee meetings shall be 7.

  • A hostel committee member will cease to be a member of the committee on failing to attend three successive intimated meetings. A nominee of the hostel president can fill up this vacancy.


  • The president, hostel committee shall report to the Council of Wardens regarding the effective discharge of duties by the Hostel Committee.

  • The hostel committee shall take active interest in general welfare of the students residing in the hostel and assist the Council of Wardens in maintaining the living standards.

  • The hostel committee shall report to the Chairman, Council of Wardens on the services given by the hostel staff and contractors.

  • The hostel committee shall assist the Council of Wardens in the timely allotment of the rooms, report any unauthorised use or misuse of hostel or guest rooms and bring to notice any untoward incidence occurring in the Hostel premises.

  • The hostel committee shall supervise and ensure proper and limited use of electricity and water in the hostel premises.