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There are a limited number of well furnished guest rooms. Resident student members of the hostel can avail this facility for accommodating their parents or spouse when they visit the Institute. However, the members are required to adhere to the following rules and instructions with regard to guest rooms.

  • Only students who are staying in the hostel rooms/apartments are eligible to book the guest room. Guest rooms will be provided to parents and spouse of these members only.

  • Booking for guest rooms will be done at the Hostel Office, between 12 noon to 1 pm on all working days.

  • Guest charges are Rs.150/- per day, per person.

  • Check-in/check-out times are from 8am to 8am.

  • Students should login to their account and register their guests by uploading the guest photos.

  • Booking for guest rooms should be done at most 30 days in advance

  • Guest rooms will be allotted for a maximum period of 5 days at one stretch in a month.

  • Students should register their guests online. He/she shall be responsible for his/her guest/s.

  • Each student shall book only once in a month.

  • Students should book the guest rooms only for their parents and not for somebody's parents.

  • Students have to make the payment at Canara Bank, IISc,. branch, after collecting the necessary challan from the hostel office.

  • Students should verify the challan indicating the date, amount and guest details, before remitting the amount to the bank

  • Guest room booking will be confirmed only after the payment is made.

  • Refund of booking amount will be made only when the booking is canceled a week in advance. Partial refund is not possible.

  • Students should accompany the guest to collect the guest room key by producing the paid challan to the Guest Room Caretaker..

  • Students have to come personally to book the room.

  • Only booked guests are eligible to stay. If any other persons are found to stay in the rooms, they will be asked to vacate immediately and the host will be fined, as decided by the Council of wardens.

  • No cooking is permitted in the guest rooms.

  • The occupants of the rooms will be entirely responsible for any loss or breakages of articles during their stay in the hostel.

  • The hostel office is not responsible for any loss of goods or valuable from the rooms.

  • Visitors to guest room are allowed only after clearance from hostel authority.

  • Right of admission is reserved.

PENALTY: A sum of Rs. 1500/- per day per person shall be levied in addition to the regular guest rent, in the following cases:

  1. If the room is not vacated within the stipulated time and date.
  2. If the student extends his/her booking beyond five days without written permission of the Chairman, Council of Wardens.
  3. If persons/guests, not declared by the host, stay without prior permission from the hostel authorities.