IISc Hostel

Hostels@IISc : This is the home page of IISc hostel website. Information about hostels, messes, rules and regulations, committees, registration, online complaints and other facilities at IISc hostel are available at this portal.


Students are advised NOT TO DO the following:

  • The Government of India has banned all types of "Ragging". It is considered as a serious cognizable offense. There shall not be any type of ragging in the campus.

  • Cooking of any type of food in the rooms is strictly prohibited.

  • Consumption/storage of alcoholic beverages in the hostel premises is an offense. It is not permitted.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus.

  • Members should not cause disturbance to other residents in any manner whatsoever.

  • Women visitors are not allowed in the men's hostel. Similarly, male visitors are not allowed in women's hostel.

  • Members should not throw garbage/litter from balcony or windows.

  • Do not waste food, water and electricity.

  • Do not litter the hostel and campus.

  • Do not take newspapers from common rooms to your room.

  • Do not play in the hostel corridors.

  • Do not entertain guests in room without official permission.

  • Do not disturb your room mate and neighbours by your actions.

  • Do not take plates and cups outside the dining hall of the messes.