IISc Hostel

Hostels@IISc : This is the home page of IISc hostel website. Information about hostels, messes, rules and regulations, committees, registration, online complaints and other facilities at IISc hostel are available at this portal.


The members of the hostel are expected to promptly pay their dues on-time. In this regard, the following rules and regulations should to adhered for smooth functioning of the hostels and messes.

  • Hostel and mess accounting/billing will be done on 19th of every month for the preceding month. Members have to clear all the dues of a particular month on or before the last day of the following month. If all the dues are not cleared on the prescribed date, a fine of 1% on the billed value will be imposed.

  • Though the hostel dues are in most cases recovered through scholarship deduction, it is the responsibility of every member to check and ensure that her/his dues are cleared every month. In case hostel dues are not recovered through scholarship deduction, the member should obtain a challan from hostel office and make payment at the indicated bank in the campus.

  • If a student accumulates hostel or mess dues, the mess facility will be stopped forthwith and hostel facilities will also be withdrawn. The Chairman, Council of Wardens shall take possession of their room and hand over their belongings to the security.